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“After 25 years with the hospital, I never thought that I could find more challenge and more joy in my work. As Chief Medical Officer, I now have both which is having a positive impact and increased results".
   - Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Institution
“John is a reflective and great listener - great pearls of wisdom.”
    - General Counsel, Healthcare System
“I realized I was looking at the big picture and therefore often looked right over or past people versus being present and being with/connected to them.”
    - CEO, Automotive Technology Company


“All in all, this was a remarkable couple of days for me, and connecting more personally with John was one of its highlights. I got some outstanding coaching, I feel re-energized and inspired personally and professionally, and feel an irrepressible sense of optimism and hope. Working with you has been a huge positive for me”. 

 - CEO, Technology Consulting Company

“I am now more effective from a business development point of view... plus I'm more disciplined."
   - Partner, Law Firm
“John is an excellent coach and mentor.  I would use his services again." 
   - CTO/COO, Technology Company in the Automotive Industry
“I really appreciate and have valued the coaching that John has provided.  He has worked with me to think more clearly and be more patient, less defensive, more engaged, and ultimately more effective. I’ve improved relationships with the other Executive Committee members; in fact one of these members that I used to bang heads with all the time recently invited me and my wife to dinner with him and his wife at their home.”
    - Senior Vice President, Banking Industry

“As a result of the experience, I have no doubt that I have improved my ability to effectively manage and influence organizational change. Having said that, I realize this is a continuous journey, so my goal moving forward is to continue to build on the tools and practices we developed and to focus on creating positive balance in my life.” 
  - Director, Logistics, Facilities & Operations

“You have a reputation of going at things in multiple ways until something clicks with the client (and that is a very good thing!).” 
  - Learning Director, Defense Industry
“After the first 5 minutes I already had tremendous value.”
   - President, Process Automation Consulting
“We now have a shared, clear vision as to how we will craft a comprehensive strategic plan.  I know myself better and understand what motivates me to do well as well as understand reasons behind some of my behaviors. Plus John helped me understand the value of reflection. Finally, I know my team better;
I now understand what motivates my team and what they need in order to be successful.”
   - Director Process Improvement, Healthcare Institution


“I have moved from being operationally to more strategically focused.  I now realize that I can do it; I can be on the Leadership Team and be a valued player.  I can be as big as I choose to be.  And I can do it being me; I don’t have to pretend or try to be someone else.  The other Leaders are making time for me and my business unit; plus there’s greater respect.  Finally, I’m able to back off and be reasonable even if I don’t agree.”

 - Vice President / Business Line Manager, Technology Industry

“I really appreciate our sessions. I would probably never have mentioned certain habits but you are amazingly observant and I am glad you put these on the table.” 

 - Director Program Management, Defense Industry


“John was awesome, he brings a wealth of knowledge and it was evident that he knows his material well. I really like his insights about values and how they shape our team interactions. He gave me honest feedback and challenged me to do better frequently. All in all great job!  I wanted to point out that I really enjoyed having John being part of a couple of our team activities. This wasn’t necessarily planned or expected at the beginning of our engagement and I strongly believe it added tremendous value to our overall work. Again I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with John on this adventure. He is an excellent professional and I owe him a lot. Congratulations on a great effort from John!” 

 - Director Hospital Administration, Healthcare Industry
“The coaching exceeded my expectations. I found the program approach as well as the process to identify focus areas to be directly applicable to both my professional and personal life.”  
  - Director Supply Chain, Defense Industry

“This experience came at the perfect time for me. As a new manager, there are several areas that needed to be improved upon. John helped to shorten the learning curve. I feel that I am much more aware of the people aspect while addressing challenges and working toward resolutions within the organization. I had put more emphasis on process and results in the past.  Nothing will stop me from using the skills I have learned.”

 - Manager, Insurance Industry

“I would rate my overall coaching experience as excellent because the experience and John’s insights really helped me develop those skills necessary to be an effective leader within my organization. If I didn’t have this experience with John, I’m afraid that I was going down a path that probably would have hurt my career possibilities over time here.”

 - Regional Manager, Insurance Industry

“From your entrance onto the podium to the closing circle, you just seemed like you were having a great time. The content and the structure were in place so everyone could enjoy the time together. Thanks for all you did and for who you were.”

 - President, Strategy Consultancy

“Finally, I would like to commend the design which I at first had thought promised ‘heavy hors d'oeuvres.’ I think it was unique and beneficial to all participants as it kept folks moving, sharing, listening, coaching, and exploring. I am thrilled to have participated in such an event. The design was super and the flow of such a complex event was orchestrated as well as any such design I've ever observed -- and that's a large sample.”

 - Consultant

"5's" all around for ease, creativity and seamlessness of process, relevance, atmosphere, facilitation competence, understanding of the participants' needs, sensitivity to the dynamics of the group, and as a result, personal value generated for all participants.


This was indeed an event worthy of its 7 year tradition, a mature, super-professional event. I have loads of practical notes to take home, plus connections and collaboration ideas with several individuals. I often stopped in the course of the day to check where I was, what we were doing and how the group 'felt' and there was no time I didn't feel that the process or activity I was in had relevance and the power to affect me as deeply as I let it.


I have no words to thank you for the maturity and professional excellence you brought forth this year, and for your commitment to help build our legacy. 


You operate as a learning partner.”

 - COO, Technology Start-Up

“You got me to focus on the big picture goals. This was positive and insightful. Your comments about being caught up in doing without reflecting on doing for what purpose was helpful.” 

 - President, Sales Consultancy

“Since engaging John to enhance my abilities to grow my business at an exponential pace, I have been able to increase my rates by 35%. With his help, I've been able to achieve a higher level of success by focusing on what matters most.”

 - President, Technology Services Industry

“John has the personal and professional ability to examine an issue and offer swift solutions that resolve those issues in a very short time. He helped me clarify the personal and professional obstacles that were denying me a higher level of success.”

  - Owner, IT consulting

“You provide sound support in the areas of effectiveness and focusing on results.”

 - Director, Telecom Industry

“You provided a professional and objective view of the situation; asked great questions that really made me think about what I was doing; and you provided constructive clarification.”

 - VP Sales and Marketing, Software Company


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