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Leaders Don’t Care About Their People

Of course leaders do care about their people. However, they may care in such a “professional” manner that their people don’t know it.

I recently met a senior manager who valued the following:

  • Professional development of the people

  • Asking how they are doing and what are their needs

The problem is that the people don’t’ know why these are priorities; and on top of that the leader comes off as aloof and uncaring even when talking about them. Some think it is all about the leader or all about making sure the company gets what it needs; and that they don’t matter. When in fact the leader truly cares about the people and also sees that employees who get their needs met will not only be happier but los will be more effective on the job.

The solution: Letting the staff know WHY these things are priorities (why they matter). It turns out that for this senior manager, they are priorities because:

1) The leader cares about the staff’s professional growth and doesn’t want them to lose out or lose pace with the pace of change.

2) The leader wants to make sure the staff’s challenges and needs are known so that those needs can be addressed.

Do you let it be known WHY you do what you do or say what you say? The why can be very motivating for people.

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