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"Live brightly, leave fear and move forward one step at a time with faith and confidence in the future."

Executive Coaching

Motivated executives and companies seek Executive Coaching in order to enhance leadership or management skills, expand advancement opportunities, and determine plans for the future.  Because it is often lonely at the top, many executives feel restrained and isolated and are rightly concerned about sharing their issues in-house for fear they will not remain private. They may be tired of the pressure, the numbers game, the maneuverings or the public relations facade. They may have been subtlety told their management or leadership skills need improving. Or, they are looking to forge new opportunities for themselves. There is no doubt that for these individuals the stakes are high. At the same time, there is an increasing need to stop thinking about their concerns and start doing something.  Executive Coaching offers an opportunity to explore options, test out ideas, gain clarity, renew passions, utilize strengths and enhance skills.

High Potential Coaching

Clients often identify high fliers in whom they want to invest for the long term by assigning a coach to help fast track their development. Coaching is often used in this way as a retention device as research has shown that high performers are more prepared to leave an organization when they feel they have run out of developmental head-room. Sometimes this feeling of maxing out in developmental terms is more perception than reality and a coach can help them recognize how fertile the developmental opportunities actually are within their current role thereby binding them more to their current employer.

Corrective Coaching

Performance problems and conflict inevitably arise in workplaces and must be dealt with promptly and intelligently. These kinds of workplace issues are a given.  You want to tackle problems in their infancy and dispatch them in short order. Corrective coaching is used to reduce both the quantity and severity of these problems.  In every work environment with two or more employees, there are inevitably going to be squabbles; there are going to be performances adversely affected by interpersonal relationships not being what they should be. Meanwhile, as we get increasingly enmeshed in the fast-paced, fluid corporate world of today where the stakes are higher and so are salaries the obstacles and variable pitfalls loom larger and more complex. It stands to reason, then, that these more layered problems need to be more thoroughly understood. And nobody is better qualified to manage in this new-fashioned age than an insightful coach.

Team/Group Coaching

Teams often need assistance to improve leadership, decision making, delegation and accountability. Team coaching provides the foundation for engaged and committed team members who are aligned with a vision and understand their role in creating a high-performing organization.  A custom coaching roadmap provides a multi-prong approach that integrates training on key leadership and management skills with real-time working sessions that motivate team members to put key learnings into action immediately.

Strategic Facilitation

Strategic facilitation refers to working with senior groups of decision makers. These might be senior management teams tasked with the development of new strategies or with implementing existing strategies. Or they might be groups involving senior managers and other stakeholders who wish to address strategic issues together. Strategic facilitation might involve a single workshop or meeting or it can involve a more complex and longer engagement.

Executive Presence

Executive presence is emerging as an essential ingredient for career advancement, leadership success and interpersonal connections.  Executive presence is more important today than ever before.  People who possess this quality are almost always super-successful. Executive presence gives the power, influence, and ultimately confidence needed to succeed and achieve. 

High Impact Communication and Influence

To achieve bigger and better results at work with the full support and cooperation of stakeholders.  Influence coaching can help when plans are being opposed by others; when there’s a struggle to get senior people to listen; when people don't do what’s requested of them; and when there’s difficultly making desired impact.

Team Engagement and Effectiveness

Teams need to be trusted and productive resources for a company.  Accelerating business performance, delivered by highly engaged and trusted teams is essential.  Linking meaningful work with committed employees creates powerful collaboration.  Through this collaboration strategic and breakthrough results are achieved.

Succeeding in Corporate Politics

Corporate politics are everywhere. They inflict every company. In fact, you’d be hard put to find a senior manager out there who has completely avoided the fray.  Depending how far you make it up the corporate ladder, you’ll feel the heat the higher up you go. Executives and professionals talk about it all the time, especially over cocktails, but rarely in formal discussions or meetings. Having high integrity and being right are not enough to be effective in these environments.
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