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Greenwood Consulting provides leadership development, executive coaching, and CEO Peer Group Leadership. We bring an extensive leadership and management background as well as operations, technical, sales, plus legal knowledge and execution capability. Combine this with years of executive coaching experience and clients get a valuable balance of insight and understanding to go along with practical, direct applications to their issues and opportunities.
Greenwood Consulting works with CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners, Executive Leaders, Physician Leaders, and Law Firm Partners on a wide range of issues critical to professional effectiveness. These range from improving their executive presence, to increasing their ability to influence effectively, to expanding their capacity for thinking and planning strategically, to maximizing their personal and organizational performance and contributions. We then work with clients to apply these skills to significantly improve their ability to increase their team's effectiveness, build better organizational alignment and productivity, handle corporate politics in positive and constructive ways, and demonstrate their capacity for bigger challenges and opportunities.


CEO Peer Groups
Team/Group Coaching
High Impact Communication & Influence
Executive Coaching
Team Engagement & Effectiveness
High Potential Coaching
Executive Presence
Succeeding in Corporate Politics
Increasing Strategic Leadership
Managing Stress / Work-Life Balance
Leadership Assessments
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